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The Manns family has always been connected to cars. Mike's grandfather Charles Everett Manns went to Detroit, Michigan in 1924 to learn the automotive trade. In 1936 he returned to Festus, Missouri to open the only shop in the area that could repair engines, body and paint. The knowledge and the business was passed to Mike's father, then on to Mike himself.

Honesty and good work has brought recognition from across the country from notable and famous collectors and museums. This recognition has also resulted in world class awards. These awards are second only to the experiences of reviving priceless family heirlooms and the joy of knowing they will be treasured by future generations.

In the world of restoration and customization, shops must specialize in a specific make or style. At Manns we beg to differ. We revel in the chance to work on an elegant Duesenberg one month and move on to the raw muscle car power of a classic Mustang the next. It keeps the creativity fresh and prevents stagnation. The only unifying characteristic of each project is the quest for perfection.

We understand budget constraints on every project. Some vehicles will live their restored lives taking the family to the hometown car cruise. Others will find themselves on the grounds at Pebble Beach. No matter what level of restoration your project calls for we will always strive for Best in Show. Our initial consultation will help you make good decisions as to the degree of restoration needed to achieve the goal.

Though the crew at Manns work well together they still have their own individual personalities and skillsets. Each craftsman has their respective specialties and each project is broken down into small segments of work to take full advantage. Owners are always welcome to speak with each member of the crew to discuss any part of the build.

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