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1934 Deusenberg Model J

The Duesenberg "Duesy" has been called the King Of Classics, Americas Mightiest Motor Car and The Pursuit of Perfection. It is the ultimate from the golden age of motoring. Brothers, Fredrick and August Duesenberg's company in Auburn, Indiana built cars that cost 20 times the cost of a Ford. They had a 420 c.i. inline 8 cyl. engine with 265 h.p., a top speed of 116 m.p.h. and luxury throughout. The great depression brought on the sale of the company to E.L. Cord who also owned Auburn and Cord car companys. This was the time period the model J's were built, the grandest of all. In 1937 The Great Depression brought an end to it all. Today these grand creations cost in the multiple millions. In 2010 we performed minor repairs to freshen up this older restoration.