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1988 Ferrari 328 GTB

When this Ferrari was brought to us the major Ferrari suppliers said it couldn't be repaired. Parts for this model are very hard to come by with the fog lamp assemblies said to be non existent. It took more than 60 hours of research, parts from five different country's and a lot of ingenuity but we were able to save this rare GTB from being salvaged. The ones who said it couldn't be done obviously haven't met the crew at Manns Restoration.
Ferrari's fixed roof 328 GTB was very similar to the removable roof 328 GTS. They both debuted at the 1985 Frankfurt Auto Show. While often considered the final evolution of the 308 series, the 328 had some significant changes. Extremely high performance, incredible 308-derived Pininfarina styling, improved road holding, and greater comfort, ensured the 328's desirability. The 328 easily became the most successful model in Ferrari's history up to that time. It remains a highly sought after sports car to this day.
Under its skin, the 328 chassis was an oval-section tube frame construction, offering race car construction and rigidity, without a weight penalty. The exterior and structural design actually reduced the car's weight to 3100 pounds, substantially lower than their predecessors.