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Bobby Darin Dream Car

The Di Dia 150, also known as the Bobby Darrin Dream Car. This unique custom was hand built over the course of 8 years and completed in 1960 for the famous clothing designer Andrew Di Dia at a cost of $150,000 It was driven to the Academy Awards by Darrin and Sandra Dee in 1961 and was an instant legend. We were selected to restore this amazing automobile in 1981 by The Museum Of Transportation in St. Louis, MO. and have maintained it ever since. One of the most influential projects to ever roll through our shop, the opportunity to restore this piece of history can be traced back through several referals to a simple quarter panel repair on a station wagon in the late 70's that left a lasting impression on a happy customer. Thirty years later this beauty is still drawing a crowd and racking up awards wherever it goes.

This car is the most special one to me personally. I had the opportunity to ride in this car when I was young and then drove it on to the field at Amelia Island almost 30 years later. I was 4 years old when my dad "Arty Roberts" and Mike Manns restored this car and remember it very well. I became totally infatuated with cars from that point on and have been blessed with the opportunity to work with my dad and the Manns family carrying on a tradition of excellence in the restoration business.

Chris Roberts
Mechanic and Author of this web site