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Krispy Cream Truck 1937

Krispy Kreme Story

When the first Krispy Kreme was opened in St. Louis, the President of Krispy Kreme flew in on the corporate jet “Donut One” for the Grand opening. The owner of the St. Louis store had commissioned Manns AutoBody to create an authentic replica of the original 1937 Chevy panel truck used by Krispy Kreme. Mike Manns taped an envelope to the dash of it marked, “To the President of Krispy Kreme”, asking if we could do one for him. He responded with a request to do their heritage vehicle to be enshrined at the corporate head quarters in New York City. He said the timing was perfect because they were preparing to go public on the NASDAC Stock Exchange and would use this for publicity. We found this panel truck in Fredricktown Missouri and after restoration it found its way to New York City, Displayed before the headquarters of NASDAC on Wall Street and was featured on CNN. Toys of it were made and sold in their stores along with t-shirts and other items.