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1960 Mercedes Benz 220 SE

This 1960 220 SE is yet another family heirloom. Restored as a birthday present for the customer's wife, the car had been passed down by her father. The car was dismantled and stripped of it's original peeling paint. Because this car is black, extra effort was put into making sure all panels and body lines were perfect. The wood on the dash had delaminated from many years of sunlight exposure so new veneer was carefully selected to replicate the factory grain and color. The convertible top had many issues, the frame was damaged and the material was falling apart. The top was reconstructed to function and look as new including having the proper headliner material shipped from Germany. The engine and transmission were removed as a unit underneath by raising the body from the front sub frame. Once out, the engine was disassembled and inspected. The engine was in good shape other than having leaks so it was reassembled with all new gaskets and seals from Mercedes Benz Classic Center. The transmission had other issues and required a complete overhaul and replacement of a cracked main shaft. Suspension parts were inspected and replaced as needed. Everything was thoroughly cleaned, painted and detailed to the highest degree before reassembly resulting in one of the nicest examples of this particular car you will find. A work of art and German engineering at it's finest.