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About us

About Us
Since the 1930's, four generations of the Manns family have been fixing cars in the same small town of Festus, Missouri. Honesty and good work has brought recognition from across the country from notable and famous collectors and museums. This recognition has also resulted in world class awards.

These awards are second only to the experiences of reviving priceless family heirlooms and the joy of knowing they will be treasured by future generations.

We understand budget constraints on these big projects and help you make good decisions as to the degree of restoration needed to achieve your goal.

We maintain a clean, professional environment with proper insurance coverage for all vehicles.

Safety and environmental issues are adhered to properly.

All vehicles are kept inside and protected.

Our staff have specialized talents, experience and up to date training.

Every one of us are available to you at any time to discuss the process of your vehicle.