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1936 Cord

E.L. Cord orchestrated the creation of the most revolutionary car of its day. Engineered with an electric-vacuum shift transmission, front wheel drive, and a 280 cubic inch Lycoming built L head V8. There were also supercharged models produced that had 180+ horsepower and a top speed in excess of 112 miles per hour. They also had a body design like no other from the genius mind of Gordon Buehrig, they had many styling and design innovations. These include hidden headlights, a smooth roofline with no gutters, no running boards, and hidden door hinges. These innovations were all designed to produce an aerodynamic body increasing the performance of the car. This approach to designing a car was way ahead of its time but the company did not survive the great depression. Today these examples are among the most collectable from the era. Total production of all six models was only 2320 cars made between 1936 and 1937. The cost new in 1936-1937 was around $2560.00, just for comparison at the time a Buick could be bought for $895.00. Of the approximately 700 Phaetons built only 134 had superchargers and 90 convertible coups were built in 1937.