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1971 Cuda "Orangasm"

This 1971 Plymouth Cuda is undergoing a major transformation into a complete custom. Everything about this car is over the top. Powered by a 6.1 Hemi from Chrysler's SRT cars with a MagnaCharger and backed by a TR6060 transmission this car will surely be a strong runner as well as a show stopper. This project started off with a lot of creative ideas and one very rusted 1971 Cuda. Firewall, floor pans, trunk pan, rear frame rails and quarter panels all had to be replaced. Other sections were fabricated when new parts were not available. Once the body was structurally sound and squared up the straightening was next. Panels were fitted to a level well beyond the factory's best efforts. The car was then put on a rotisserie and sprayed with a custom mix of Sherwin Williams Big Bad Orange. The inside and under side of the car were painted to the same level as the body. Next came a tubular k frame assembly from Magnum Force with many components chromed for visual impact. Tubular control arms and coil overs replace the old torsion bar suspension. Out back is a four link setup attached to a Dana 60 rear axle. The transmission tunnel was dissected and enlarged in every dimension to accommodate the huge 6 speed trans. A custom mount was fabricated to attach the trans to the factory cross member as no mount was available for the TR6060 in an E body mopar. With the engine and transmission in the car attention was turned to wiring the Hemi and it's components. Six individual wiring harnesses are being integrated to operate a car with all of the modern conveniences. Mock up and fabrication of the custom interior is in progress. Extensive use of hand laid fiberglass and carbon fiber will set this wild custom apart from the rest. Check back for updates on this awesome project.