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1930 Auburn Roadster

This 1930 Auburn 8-95 Roadster was the subject of an extensive concours quality restoration. Brought in a running driving car with cracking and peeling paint, the body had a strange shape that held the clues to what would be found. The body was dissassembled and stripped revealing serious damage. This car had apparently been in a rear end collision at some point in it's life and had been amaturely repaired with sheetmetal from a Model A Ford from the doors back. The majority of the wood structure under it's skin was broken and splintered beyond repair. The rest of the car was in reasonably good condition for it's age so the decision was made to begin a thorough restoration. Replacement sheetmetal for a car of this era is next to impossible to find so it was all made from scratch. The first order of business was repairing the structure of the body. A trip was made to the ACD museum to document an authentic example including as much of the wood skeleton as possible. That trip also netted copys of the original body and structure blueprints that were blown up poster size and used throughout the restoration to gaurentee authenticity. Carefully the wood structure from the doors back was recreated as new. The original rumble seat and its mounts were missing so those parts were built as well. Starting with 4x8 sheets of steel, the body panels were fabricated and fitted to the wood structure just as they were originally. No steps were skipped in th straightening of the body and the striking red and black color combination draw attention to the level of perfection wherever it is shown. The subtle red stitching in the top complements the body colors perfectly and the theme is carried into the leather seat as well. The stainless spokes and blackwall tires add to the macho, sporty look of this car. Under the hood, the original Lycoming 95 horsepower straight 8 is immaculately detailed and tuned to perfection. The overall quality and attention to detal of this restoration demands attention wherever it is shown.