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1935 SS Airline

This sensational 1935 SS Airline Coupe is the forerunner of the famous SS100 and Jaguar XK 120. The Swallow company was started in 1922 by William Lyons and William Walmsley building motorbike sidecars and after 1927 car bodies for many makes including Austin 7's. The first SS cars were produced in 1931 using mostly mechanical components supplied by the Standard Motor Company.The famous SS or Swallow Sport was built with a special low slung chassis with a 2 liter or a 2.5 liter side valve 6 cylinder engine. Available in 3 body styles, a 4 seater Tourer, Sedan or the rare Airline coupe body. The Jaguar name was not used until after 1936. Only 4,200 SS cars were produced.