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1929 Cord L29 Cabriolet

This 1929 Cord L29 cabriolet is a well preserved, low milage original car. It appears to have had one repaint many years ago but has survived remarkably for a 90 year old automobile. It will be undergoing a full concours level restoration of the highest standards with the intentions of competing at the worlds greatest concours shows. Cord Automobile Company was the brainchild of E.L. Cord and was a holding company of Auburn which Cord controlled along with many other brands, most notably Duesenberg. Concieved to bridge the gap between the top level Auburn and the model J Duesenberg, it's engineering and design were revolutionary for the time with it's most notable feature being a front wheel drive layout that helped achieve a long low sporty look uncommon for the time. Cord enlisted racecar builder Harry Miller and Cornnelius Van Ranst to engineer the unique creation that would bear his name. The long flowing hood and fenders accentuated the low slung body and made for a sleek, elegant, illusion of speed even sitting still. The 289 cubic inch straight 8 was taken from the largest Aburn and turned backwards to mate to the unique transaxle assembly. The L29 will forever be an icon of american styling and beauty that represent the best of the roaring 20's, and this example will be a benchmark of quality and craftsmanship in restoration.