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1972 Ford Bronco

This Bronco has an awesome presence. At home in the dirt and on the streets, it has the feeling of a real life Tonka truck, "every man's dream". We started with a Bronco so rusty that the whole body was discarded. The only original panels are the doors, hood and grill. Everything else was built with a kit, down to the very last brace and reinforcement for the body. Built just like the factory did, we had a new tub to work with. The inside and bottom were coated with spray on bed liner color matched to the body to ensure corrosion protection and easy clean up. The body panels were blocked laser straight and sprayed a bright, in your face shade of red that would definitely stand out in a crowd. From there everything was reassembled and detailed to make for one awesome 4x4. White grill and accents stand out to make this a one of a kind ride that always draws a crowd.