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1956 Oldsmobile

The proud owner of this 1956 Olds convertible purchased this car new and drove it to his high school graduation with his future wife. Through the years they put more than 300,000 miles on the car. Eventually it had deteriorated and was parked but not sold. Their son brought the car to us knowing how much it had meant to his parents and the restoration was started in secret. This was the worst case of rust ever seen, the car hat literally rusted in half and the body mount brackets had disappeared allowing what was left of the body to fall onto the frame. We tried to convince the customer that finding a donor car would be the most economical way to go but for sentimental reasons it would be this car that would be restored. The body half's were supported with wood and raised to the correct height so the remains of the floor could be cut out. Once all traces of the old floor were removed and everything had been measured, squared and braced, the fabrication of new floor pans and body mounts began. As the project progressed the possibility of finishing the car in time for the owner's 50th high school reunion was discussed. With only two months to go, all other projects were stopped and work days were extended along with weekend shifts. On the day of the reunion the car was completed. The engine was started and the car was pulled out of the shop to be seen by the whole family. The owners were in tears as they saw their pride and joy returned to it's former glory. They drove the car to the reunion that evening and have been driving and enjoying it ever since.