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1935 Ford

The1935 Ford Flathead V8 four-door sedan was the perfect car of its day. Our restoration in 2007 took this car to the level of being the best of its kind. The owner absolutely had every part of this car restored perfectly sparing no expense. He bought the car from family friends who had bought it new. When the family stopped using it, they stored it in a small barn and that is where it stayed untouched for 50 years. The ground had to be dug away so that the barn doors could be opened to get the car out. It was like a time capsule and now it is a wonderful family heirloom.
Ford produced these cars in large numbers and they became an American favorite. Partially because they were dependable and easy to get parts for when they needed repair.
There is a story that Clyde Barrow of “Bonnie and Clyde” liked the car so much that he wrote a letter to Henry Ford saying that as a bank robber, he could outrun the cops in his V8 Ford.