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1927 Pierce Arrow Judkins Coupe

1927 Pierce Arrow series 36 two-passenger coupe with a body built by Judkins.

In 2005 we restored this beautiful vehicle to world-class standards. It went straight out of our shop to the National meeting of the Pierce Arrow Society and was awarded first place in class. Since then it has gone on to receive other national awards and be displayed at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. Pierce Arrows were among the finest built and most expensive American cars. The Judkins Body Building Company built this one on special order. It is believed that this is the only one of its type. When it came to us we discovered that the wood inner structure had extensive deterioration that was not visible. It was decided that we would rebuild all of it. A unique problem we had to deal with was that the outer body sheet metal was all aluminum and welded together. It would have done a great deal of damage to take it apart, so the wood structure had to be built from inside. The car was repainted to its original color.