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1932 Cadillac V16 Convertible Coupe

In 1995 we restored this car to the highest level of perfection with the intent that the car would be displayed at the most prestigious shows. The owner later became the U.S. ambassador to Belgium. This was one of his favorite cars so he took it with him and won awards at shows in Paris and Rome. It has also received the highest awards across the United States. This model has always been considered the most beautiful and gracefully styled of the early Cadillac models. Only 14 bodies like this were built by Fisher Body Company. This one has the V16 engine; Cadillac only built 300 V16's in 1932. These engines were a marvel of engineering. Extremely quiet, smooth, and powerful, no other company could master an engine to match it and that established Cadillac's reputation as the best. This car's history of ownership is fully documented.