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1938 Lincoln Model K V12 Willoughby Panel Brougham

In 1998 we restored this Lincoln to world class standards. This is one of only two built sometimes referred to as the "Razor Edge Brougham". It's distinctive styling was reminiscent of the horse drawn coach era with separate chauffeur and passenger compartments. This example still features its original extravagant upholstery in the passenger compartment. The rear windows open both vertically and horizontally. On these model the rear carriage section of the body was given a special treatment which was of the customer's choice. This one has extra seating with folding opera seats and inner compartments for telephone, smoking, and vanity sets. After several ideas we decided on the dark green vertical stripes. They are very subtle and give a look of restrained elegance. This car was awarded most elegant car at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance in 1999.