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1949 Kurtis

1949 Kurtis Sports Car, America’s very first production sports car. In 1998 we restored this rare piece of American history. By coincidence the year we did this was the 50th anniversary of Motor trend magazine and the Kurtis S. C. was the first car on the cover of the magazine. Few people know the story of Frank Kurtis unless they know racing history. Frank helped develop early race technology. Even though his cars dominated all race circuits including Indy, he always had a dream to engineer, style, and build a true American sports car that would rival the British sports cars that showed up after WWII. With this 1949 model he created the recipe for the “American Sports Car”; lightweight, wide stance, low profile, and a powerful engine. How many times have you heard that advertised by Pontiac and others? Because of the small hand built production they were as pricey as a Cadillac, very few exist today. The father of this ones owner bought it new. The President of Motor Trend sent some special memorabilia during the time of the restoration and in their anniversary edition. They inserted a copy of the 1st Motor Trend Magazine with the Kurtis on the cover.